Weight Loss For Women – 3 Tips For A Successful Weight Loss Journey

Weight loss for women can be achieved in several ways. It really depends on the person and their commitment level. If you are determined and motivated you will succeed. Following is a review of some popular weight loss for women’s strategies.

Eating smart This is the best diet for weight loss for women. A smart diet does not simply limit calories or fats but teaches you how to eat real foods. Cooking healthy and maintaining proper nutrition and weight management requires knowledge and skill. Eating smart means learning how different foods affect your body. You must learn how to create meal plans that are satisfying and that help you lose weight in a healthy and reasonable way.

Consistency One of the most difficult aspects of losing weight is maintaining consistency. It is imperative that you eat certain types of food on certain days of the week and you alternate them every other day. Consistency is the key to long term weight loss.

Strength Training Resistance training is essential to reducing fat. The most effective resistance training for weight loss for women combines cardio and strength training. In order to maximize results, it is necessary to do both strength training and cardio every single day. You can also increase the intensity of your strength training exercises if you combine them with cardio.

HIIT/LISS High intensity interval or HIIT is an exercise program that combines cardiovascular exercise with high intensity aerobic exercise. The intention behind HIIT/LISS is to boost fat loss and strengthen the heart and lungs at the same time. HIIT/LISS is becoming more popular as women seek a safe and effective alternative to traditional exercise programs such as running and cycling. A common HIIT session will include intervals between steady state cardiovascular exercise (e.g. jogging), muscle strengthening (e.g.

I really want to cut the fat and you have got to be kidding me right? – Most women go into a weight loss program assuming that they have to give up enjoyment things that they really love. However, the first step to long term success is accepting that you have to give up some of your favorite things in order to achieve your weight loss goals. Many women go into traditional diets expecting to give up everything that they love; however, many never do. When a woman gives up chocolate, ice cream, French fries, beer, and any other “bad” foods that she really loves, she starts to feel empowered and inspired to find alternate ways to get her desired weight loss results.

Eat Less But More Frequently – Eating less but more often is another great way to lose weight. This method is called “calorie cycling” and is commonly used by many women. When you eat less calories over time, your body usually adapts by burning those calories as weight loss. So, if you eat more often, your body burns more calories and so you end up losing weight!

Is it Possible To Lose Weight For Women? Yes! You CAN do it with these methods…but it begins with you discovering what your individual specific needs are and setting smart goals that you can individually achieve within a time frame that works for you. If you can find a diet and weight loss plan that works for you, and you’re committed to sticking to it and achieving your individual smart goals, then you can succeed. It may take a little time…but I promise it’s worth it!

Strength Training vs. Cardio – Strength training is great for losing weight AND for strengthening your body. As a matter of fact, strength training can help you lose weight AND strengthen your body even more. Many women fail to reach their goals because they go about it the wrong way…so do yourself a favor and get a strength training program. You can do some pretty heavy squats, deadlifts and bench press, all with free weights or some sort of resistance training equipment. But do them only two or three times per week, and do them in sets of twelve or sixteen.

Eat Right – Believe it or not, eating right is important for losing weight. You need lots of vegetables and fruits in your diet. And make sure you get plenty of protein…which many women overlook. Protein shakes are great, but so are many other types of foods such as fish, tofu, beans and nuts.

A proper weight loss plan will help you meet your goals and stay on track. If you put in the hard work, you’ll see the results much sooner than you thought possible. Get started today! There’s never been a better time to take control of your health and lose weight.