Fruit Fasting – An Easy Introduction to Fasting

Fruit Fasting – An Easy Introduction to Fasting

More and more people are becoming intrigued by the idea of fasting, especially for weight loss. And it is easy to see why. As we as a society become heavier and heavier it is becoming more apparent that we need to start living more lean lives. And there is no better way to kick start your weight loss plan than by fasting.

But fasting can be really tough especially if you have not done a fast before. It is hard to go without food for longer than a day or two.

So the best solution for most of us might be to undertake a fruit fast. Fruit fasting is a great way to not only lost weight but also to cleanse your body from the inside out. This raw fruit fasting diet will be tremendously rich in antioxidants and roughage or fiber. You will literally give your pipes a good and thorough cleaning.

Fruit fasting

Fruit fasting is an easy way to slip into a good weight loss groove. Unlike traditional fasting where you need to prepare both physically and mentally before you start your fast, fruit fasting can just be slipped into your current regiment without much forethought or planning. Plus you will lose almost as much weight as if you went on a real water only fast.

Fruit fasting is a great idea for those who haven’t fasted before but want to give it a try. And the best time to do this as with all fasts is in the summer months when it is warm outside. Having to deprive yourself of certain foods is difficult at the best of times but being able to get outside in the warm inviting sun instead of staying indoors is tremendously uplifting. If you’re moping around your kitchen looking for fruit to eat you might find some other tasty morsel to be too tempting. And thus you’ve blown your fruit fast.

So when you are on your fast, try to get out at least once a day to be in nature and with friends. But don’t get roped into any strenuous activities, now is the time to allow your body to cleanse and shed the weight naturally. You don’t need to ramp this up with vigorous exercise. Trust us, you will lose plenty of weight just going on a fruit fast. You don’t need to add to the loss of weight with exercise.

And with this in mind, you should easily expect to lose between one and two pounds per day, perhaps more. If you are obese, you will likely lose a ton of weight, but even if you are of normal weight you will find that there will still be weight loss. But for normal weighted folks, the benefits will be focused on the cleansing aspects of fruit fasting.

We’d like to share with you some tips on making your fruit fast run smooth and be an enjoyable experience so that you would like to do it once or twice a year. And if you are able to bring fruit fasting into your yearly plan, over the years you will reap tremendous health benefits. In fact, science is showing that limiting caloric intake is a legitimate way of increasing your lifespan. And fruit fasting is an enjoyable way of doing just that.

Mixed Fruit for Fasting

We have found that mixing up the texture of the fruit in our fruit fasting regimen is a great way of making things fresh and enjoyable. By this, we mean to try and give your mouth and senses a different feel or texture to your different meals.

For example, in the morning we usually have our fruit as a blended beverage. Don’t fall into the trap of using fruit juice, as this is calorically dense. What we like to do is take a banana, and apple and a kiwi and mix it with half a cup of water and half a cup of ice. This is almost like a milkshake. For lunch, we will cut up some fruit like oranges, pineapple and throw some blueberries on the plate too. For dinner, we like to gently warm our fruit. The best ones for this purpose are bananas, apples, plums, and nectarines. A double boiler is best for this purpose. Enjoy your fruit fasting benefits. Here’s to your health.