Drinking to your Health with Detox Teas

Detox Teas – Drinking to your Health

Detox teas have been used for millennia in most of the world where tea has been cultivated. The Chinese and Indians have been enjoying the benefits of tea for over 5000 years. In fact, myth has it that it was a Chinese monk who first “found” tea when he was meditating. Allegedly he was boiling some water over a fire when a gentle gust of wind blew in some tea leaves from a nearby tea bush. He tasted the concoction and loved it. Viola, there was born tea.

Tea as a term has come to mean practically any type of water infusion that has shrubs, herbs or tea in it. But strictly speaking, tea only relates to the actual tea plant Camellia sinensis. This is the wonderful plant that brings us white, yellow, green, oolong, black and post-fermented tea. Lately, green tea detox has come to the fore with the research into the great number of benefits that are available from drinking green tea. Yet all teas have beneficial antioxidants to varying degrees. In the western world, the enjoyment of tea is relatively new only dating back to the late 17th century and Marco Polo’s intrepid travels. And the bulk of tea drunk by westerners has traditionally been black tea.

Green Tea for Detox

Most of the detox teas that are out there incorporate more herbs than real tea, although a mixture is often found. But strictly speaking, detox teas made from herbs are known as tisanes or herbal infusions. However, for the sake of clarity, we will call all tea and tisanes with the common term tea in this article. All over the world, especially in Asia, tea has been used both socially and therapeutically for a variety of ailments. You can find tea compresses for wounds, tea enemas, and teas been used directly on the skin, in the bruised and raw form to help extract toxins. In some instances, teas are used in saunas and sweat lodges to help invigorate and extract the body’s toxins through sweating. Tea baths are oftentimes used for the same purposes.

Tea really is a wonderful gift of nature. In this article, we will introduce you to a few of our favorite detox tea herbs, but never forget that green tea detox should be part of your regular routine. It is advised to drink at least a couple of cups of regular green tea on a daily basis. The plant kingdom even to this day brings us her healing gifts and many modern medicines are based upon natural plants to one degree or another. Aspirin is a classic example, coming from willow bark.

Enough of the introduction to detox teas, let’s get down to brewing up some wonderful detox tea concoctions. Some of these herbs will be new to you and some you might be familiar with. Take this article as an introduction to the wonderfully therapeutic benefits of teas in general. First, let us introduce some of our favorite friends from the plant kingdom.

Ginger & Lemon Tea

Ginger. Ginger we know well from our culinary experience, but as for a tea, it is a wonderfully pungent and spicy drink. It really helps cleanse out the pores and bowels and kidneys. Fenugreek is another powerhouse that has a great effect upon the bronchial tubes and sinuses and really helps clear those out. Echinacea we know well and is used to help combat viruses and bacteria. It is a traditional First Nations’ remedy. Casa Sagrada and wormwood are two of the most potent parasite fighters, but they don’t taste good in the least.

Some of you might be familiar with Brigitte Mars’ Puri-Tea formulation. Brigitte is a Colorado-based herbalist who developed her secret tea formulation which is great detoxifier and cleanser. However, we have developed our own potent version which we hope you will enjoy. Here is the recipe. You will need to head down to your natural health food store where they sell loose teas by the gram.

10 grams fennel, 10 grams fenugreek, 10 grams peppermint, 10 grams green tea, 3 grams burdock, 3 grams licorice root and 4 grams dandelion root. Mix all of the ingredients thoroughly and use one heaping tablespoon per eight ounces of water. The best results are obtained by adding the water just after it has boiled and letting the detox tea mix simmer for 5 minutes. Strain and enjoy.