Detox Juice Recipes – Mother Nature’s Elixir

Living in the world today it is so hard to find clean and pure water to drink. And forget about the air. Wherever you go in any major city you will find that the air is polluted to one degree or another. You can see it if you look at the horizon in any city. There is a thin film that looks gray or brown or nicotine yellow. This is just a fact of living in a global village and having the life of ease with all the technological help that is available to us all now. And every day our lungs and heart, our livers and kidneys are working overtime to clear our bodies of this accumulated gunk. And they do a brilliant job. It’s a testament to the grand design of our physiology that in such a polluted environment we can lead healthy and vibrant lives. But the toll of all this pollution and the toxins in the environment can add up. Maybe we don’t feel as energetic as we used to, or perhaps we catch a common cold more often than we should. These are all symptoms and signs that the body is struggling to keep up with the demands made upon it.

But there are ways we can help aid the body’s natural healing mechanisms. One of my favorite ways is through the use of detox juice recipes. There are so many different and potent detox juice recipes that the best idea is to experiment with a whole bunch and find a few that you like best. I find that using a base of some sort of juice can often aid in the palatableness of the detox juice recipe. Apple juice is certainly one of my favorites although orange juice and even grapefruit juice are a great addition in some recipes. One of my favorite which I will share with you further on is made with pineapple juice as a base. Think Hawaii and catapult yourself to the island in vigorous health.

In all the detox juice recipes be sure to use the best ingredients possible. Organic fruits and veggies are the best as you are practically eating them through a straw raw. If you can’t get them organic then please wash them as best you can. We want to attain the best healing and health-giving possibilities out of the ingredients as we can. So choose the best that you can afford. Your body will truly thank you for it.

Not only is the quality of your fruits and veggies important, but so is the quality of your juicer. It is strongly suggested that you buy the best juicer that your money and situation can afford. This one kitchen tool will loyally work for you for years and years. If you find a really good one, it is something that you can one day bequeath the gift of health to your children. So don’t skimp out on this step. Now with the best juicer and the best quality ingredients that money can buy, let’s start juicing. Here are 3 of my all-time favorite detox juice recipes.

Detox Smoothy

Ginger Rogers and Health Astaire

This is for one generous serving. As with all the recipes, feel free to dilute with pure, fresh distilled water if the original recipe is too potent for you.

1 cucumber, 2 large granny smith apples, 2 sprigs of fresh mint leaves, half an inch of fresh ginger root, half a cup of pear juice. Process all the ingredients together in your juicer and enjoy. The mint and ginger give this juice a little zing as well as add detoxifying properties.

Detox, Healing Fort Knox

This detox juice recipe is for all of you who have a sweet tooth. The veggies boost your antioxidant levels and the celery adds cleansing properties.

1 large carrot, half a cup of apple juice, 100 grams of spinach (a good bunch), a generous handful of parsley and 2 sticks celery. Process in your juicer and enjoy.

Pineapple & Banana Juice

Kapow, Shazam, Wham Bam Thank you, Ma’am

This has a long and silly name because it’s my favorite and I think the most potent. The ginger and garlic really help cleanse you from the inside out. The flax gives you omega fatty acids. And the rest, well the rest give you pure healthful yumminess.

1 cup pineapple juice, 1 banana, 2 tablespoons ground flax, half a cucumber, half an inch ginger, and one clove garlic. Juice and enjoy. This one will keep even the vampires away.