Detox Armpit – How to Effectively Detox Your Armpit

If you are suffering from acne or if you are simply trying to make your body more alkaline, you can try to detoxify your armpit. It works for both men and women. A detoxification method will help remove all the toxins and impurities in your body. They can be found all over including in the skin, intestines and lungs. Although the body can digest some toxins, it cannot completely get rid of them. Therefore they will need to be flushed out.

There are many detoxification methods available. It depends on the severity of your case. You may have to go through several methods before you succeed. Let us take a look at some examples:

Oral Detox: You take an oral medication that helps the immune system to fight off harmful bacteria. The medication is usually taken in pill form. For this detoxification to work properly you may have to take it regularly for four to six weeks. You will have to stop taking it once you notice that the symptoms have gone.

Cocaine Detox Diet: Cocaine has a lot of ingredients in it and by mixing it with fruit juices you can detoxify your body very fast. Cocoa powder is placed in a cloth bag. After mixing the powder with juice, you hold it under your tongue and hold for 10 seconds. The moment you inhale the vapors, you will feel detoxified. This diet should be done twice a week.

Acid Detox Diet: This is an advanced detoxification method. It involves the use of pure acid to destroy the cyst cells in the skin. This will result in flushing out of the toxins from your body. This can be dangerous if not performed correctly.

Foot Detox Diet: This detox diet which involves detoxing the foot armpits is also known as the ‘foot spa’. In this method, all the bodily fluids are drained out of the armpits through the small hole located at the bottom of the feet. Detoxifying the body through this process may take one day.

There are many detoxification methods that you may do in order to detox your body. These detoxification methods vary from one another so it is important for you to know which is the best for your case. This will help you prevent any side effects that may occur from detoxification. You should also see some results within three months of performing the detoxification.

If you choose to detox your armpit, it is essential for you to be careful. This should be done in a sterile environment to minimize any kind of contamination. You should clean your armpit twice a day. You can perform a combination of detoxification methods or just detox your armpit alone. Whichever detoxification method you choose, it is important to remember that it should be performed in a sterile and clean condition.

If you decide to detox your armpit alone, then there are several detoxification methods that you can use. It is possible for you to use a douche along with some lukewarm water to detox your armpit. You will need to combine a few drops of peppermint extract with the warm water to form a solution. You may also add a few drops of essential oil to this mixture.

You may also try doing a combination of detoxification methods. For instance, you may try fasting for a day or two. It is believed that fasting can detoxify your body. You should only try this for a few days and see if your armpits feel any different. You should avoid doing any heavy exercises while on detoxification program as it may result to further complication.

A detoxification method that involves drinking lot of liquids like water, juice, and vegetable juices may also be used for detoxification of your armpit. A lot of people who detox their armpits report that this method takes them about two weeks. During this period, they should make it a point not to eat anything oily since fatty substances may contribute to the formation of plaque under your skin. You should also use a mild medicated soap when cleaning your armpit to ensure proper cleansing.

Most people who have chosen this detoxification method report that they do not really feel any major change in their armpit even after they finish the detox program. There are a number of detoxification methods that you can choose from including enemas, the use of patches, and liquid diets. Before you decide which detoxification method is best for you, it is best to consult your doctor. Also you should consider the side effects of the detoxification method and how your skin would react to the detox method.