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Dealing with Food Temptation

  • By: Paul Kirk
  • Date: March 26, 2019
  • Time to read: 3 min.

You may be doing well on your weight loss program, doing all the required exercises, watching your diet, and feeling great, when suddenly a temptation stares at you right in the face – a delicious doughnut, some oh-so-sweet cake, or even some ice-cream with beautiful toppings and sprinkles. As human beings, ignoring such temptations may not be easy, they require willpower and a strong resolve, and even then, it may not be enough.

Here are some ways to help you battle and win against a temptation or craving during weight loss:

Minimize the intensity of the craving

Cravings are usually strong only because we give them that power in our mind. You might see a doughnut with cream and sprinkles and, in your mind, you keep on repeating to yourself how much you want it but cannot have it. We all know that when you are unable to have something, you end up wanting it more.

Instead of seeing the doughnut, or whichever other cravings you have, as something sweet, minimize the intensity of wanting it by seeing it for what it is. “It is nothing more than flour, sugar, and fat, which is not helpful at all to my body. It will slow down my progress. Do I really want to do that to myself?” This approach works as it will reduce the intensity of the craving once you see the real damage it will do to your weight loss program

Look at your long-term goals in your weight loss journey

Look at your long-term goals in your weight loss journey

It is easy to control your temptation by reminding yourself of your long-term goals, and how the temptation will set you back. Do you want to shed some pounds and be healthier? Do you want to fit into that beautiful dress that is currently a couple of sizes small? Do you want to feel much better about your body? Once you do that, consider the effects of the temptation on those goals. Is giving in worth slowing your progress, and setting you back?

Once you look at the temptation in terms of what you have to lose, it is much easier to reign in the craving and not give in to it.

Do not do your grocery shopping when hungry

When you shop for food or groceries when hungry, everything usually appears delicious since your body and mind are craving for food. You may end up making poor decisions unconsciously and pick foods that are not healthy for you due to the hunger.

If you eat some food before you go to the store, it is much easier to pick healthy food options, since junk food and less wholesome food won’t be as appealing as they would be if you were hungry.

Do not surround yourself with temptation

Do not surround yourself with temptation

You may think that you are strong enough to resist that tub of ice-cream in your fridge or the jar of cookies on your office desk. You may resist for a while, but at some point, you will find yourself giving in for one bite or one scoop, which ends up in you eating the whole jar.

Clear your pantry of any unhealthy foods, and ensure that there is no junk food that you shouldn’t be eating. This way, you won’t be tempted to snack on anything unhealthy in between meals. Carry fruits and any other healthy snacks to the office, to reduce any temptation of dipping into the cookie jar or going to the vending machine for a snack.

Substitute your cravings with healthier options

Substituting your cravings with healthier food options leaves you full and satisfied, without having to consume any unhealthy food. If you are craving for salted foods such as chips, opt for celery juice or raw tomatoes. If you have sugar cravings and are tempted to take some candy, eat a mix of dried fruit with a few chocolate chips. Ensure that the chocolate chips are made from dark chocolate, as it has a lower sugar content than normal chocolate, and is high in healthy antioxidants.

Avoiding temptations when losing weight is not easy, but if you put in lots of effort and think about your goals, it will get easier with time.

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