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7 Easy Habits For A Healthier Life

  • By: Paul Kirk
  • Date: February 19, 2021
  • Time to read: 3 min.

7 Easy Habits That Will Help You Live A Healthier Life

When people think of the term “healthy lifestyle”, what comes to mind is a life of morning jogs followed by a 2-hour gym workout every day and eating food that’s only green in color. I know, sounds terrible! If you want to live a healthy lifestyle but don’t want to make such drastic changes in your life, don’t worry because there are many small habits you can adopt right now that will help you gradually get in shape and stay that way for good. The following seven habits are quite easy to add to your everyday lifestyle to keep your body healthy and fit:

1. Enough excuses! Time to get to work

When you ask most unfit people why they never work out, you will hear things like tight work schedules, lack of recipes for healthy meals, among other excuses that don’t really sound convincing. Even if some of the excuses may be true, you have to find a way around it if you really want to get fit. Give up the excuses and make your health and fitness your top priority. Come up with a clear plan to incorporate fitness into your life and follow it to the letter.

2. Walk more

Walk More

One of the main reasons why we are facing an obesity crisis is that people don’t like walking anymore. Even if you work out every day, the key to lifelong fitness is being more active and walking more. Instead of taking your car to the grocery store or to get coffee, try walking instead. On average, you should aim for at least 10,000 steps every day.

3. Don’t deprive yourself at all times

One of the things most people trying to get in shape do is avoid foods like junk food, French fries, burgers, pizza and a host of other foods they used to love before they started their fitness journey. However, even though it is a step in the right direction, you should not deprive yourself completely of all the foods you love. Doing this might result in binging of those same foods when you can’t resist the temptation to eat them. Instead, follow the 80/20 strategy that recommends that you eat healthy 80% of the time and then have some cheat meals here and there. Just make sure your cheat meals are really good.

4. Engage in activities that keep you active

Do not let all your hobbies revolve around sitting around doing nothing that engages your muscles. Sure, gaming for 8 straight hours is fun but have you tried going for a hike or bike ride with friends? It is a lot of fun and on top of that, it will give your body a workout at the same time.

5. Shorten your workouts

Gone are the days when you needed to spend hours at the gym to get a full workout. Just because you only get an hour a day to work out doesn’t mean you can’t fit in a full workout in that period. There are many workout routines, such as HIIT, that allow you to pack your entire workout into just 10-20 minutes. Other workouts such as calisthenics rely on your body weight and can be done anywhere, meaning you don’t need to take the time to go to a gym every day.

6. Prioritize your sleep

A lot of people underestimate just how important a good night’s rest is to your fitness goals and long-term health. When you sleep well, your body tissues get enough time to recover which is crucial when you work out regularly. Too little sleep puts your tissues and muscles at more risk of fatigue or injury and raises cortisol levels which can impair your weight loss efforts. It is recommended to get around seven to eight hours of sleep every night.

7. Make your veggies more enjoyable to eat

Make your veggies more enjoyable to eat

There is no way around it; a healthy diet must include a lot of vegetables in meals throughout the day. Vegetables are packed with vital nutrients that boost your health, and their fiber aids digestion and fills you up. If you are not a fan of vegetables, maybe it’s because you don’t know how to prepare them properly. Invest in cookbooks and watch cooking shows that teach you how to make vegetables delicious.

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