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10 Ways to Lose Weight Easily

  • By: Paul Kirk
  • Date: March 26, 2019
  • Time to read: 3 min.

10 Ways to Lose Weight Easily Without Starving Yourself

Believe it or not, losing weight and keeping it off is possible WITHOUT starving yourself. You can see big results without depriving yourself of the things you love. It just requires a little bit of knowledge and dedication. The following ten tips should help you enormously in reaching your goals like a boss!

1. Don’t skip breakfast

Many people think that skipping breakfast or just eating something mediocre is the way to lose weight but that isn’t true. Breakfast energizes you for the day ahead and you should eat something that’s packed with protein (like scrambled eggs or peanut butter on toast). This will help you avoid unnecessary snacking throughout the day.

2. Avoid starchy foods

While you don’t need to cut anything out completely, try to avoid starchy food as much as you can. This means swapping pasta and white bread for wholemeal versions. Cut out regular potatoes as well, sweet potatoes are much better for you.

3. Eat when you are hungry

Eat when you are hungry

If you feel hungry, EAT! Don’t just say no because you are on a diet because this will make you miserable. Just make sure that you are eating foods that are better for you than what you did previously. This should include snacks like nuts and fruits.

4. Eat slowly and mindfully

If you are one of those people who eats without really thinking about it, you need to stop with that habit. Make sure you are eating out of hunger and not boredom. You should also eat your food slowly, this will fill you up quicker and also help the digestion process (which is ideal for making you less bloated!)

5. Avoid sugary drinks

Soda have absolutely NO nutritional value, they are empty calories can be damn addictive too. The majority of liquids you put into your body should be from water, although you can treat yourself to a glass of wine from time to time.

6. Do weight training

Do weight training

You might not be a huge fan of exercise, but it’s important to do it to elevate your weight loss results. Many people think cardio is best for weight loss and it is pretty effective, but lifting weights is even more so. Weight training boosts your metabolism, burns fat and builds lean muscle.

7. Low carb is the way to go

Low carb diets are known to be really effective so carbohydrates is something you should be limiting in your day to day life. Just read the labels on your foods and be aware of what you are put into your body.

8. Healthy fats are good

You need to be getting a range of different foods in your diet and not all fat is bad. Oily fish like salmon, cheese, eggs, dark chocolate and nuts are some example of good fats that you should be eating plenty of.

9. Run intervals

Running is awesome for burning calories

Running is awesome for burning calories but you are not going to be able to sprint a marathon right away. Interval running involves running very fast for a period of time before much slower, or even a fast walk. Mixing it up this burns the maximum amount of fat and will make your body stronger.

10. Have a cheat meal from time to time

If you are really craving a pizza, have it! If you want some chocolate cake, have it! A cheat meal from time to time is perfectly fine, nobody is perfect but just make sure it does’t happen too often.

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